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A collection of the most interesting and worth seeing places in the Podhale region

Spł impact on the Dunajec River

Dunajec Gorge in the Pieniny is certainly one of the most scenic views in the whole of Poland. Dunajec is a river, that fascinates, captivates and attracts like a magnet tourists from Polish and foreign countries. Oplatając in an unusual way the highest tops of the Pieniny Mountains creates fantastic landscapes. The biggest tourist attraction of the region is famous not only in Poland, Dunajec. Canoe leads in Sromowce Niżne to justice politician stubs or a shorter version to Szczawnica. Rafting is organized from the beginning of April to the end of October. Trailing the entire route is 23 kilometers away and its defeat takes about 3 hours. Tourists are transported by the rafters at the new Les Corts rafts. Experience afforded by the Dunajec River are difficult to describe, so best to give it a try.

Rafting on the Dunajec River hiking in the Pieniny Mountains do not end there. Nestled among the mountains of the pienińskich Ribbon as Dunajec creates unique landscapes. What effects are those maddening lookout low mountain. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the Pieniny is also decidedly less tourists than in the High Tatras. The most beautiful view of the Dunajec Gorge can be seen from the Summit of the Pieniny Mountains. The most popular tourist attractions in Pieniny are:

  • The three crowns -the highest peak of the Pieniny Mountains in the middle of The Three Crowns, and in fact has five peaks, with the highest Okrąglicą-982 meter above sea level
  • Sokolica -Pieniny Klippen Belt belongs to, along with a growing on a pine tree creates the most recognizable place of this region
  • Niedzica Castle -located on the right bank of Czorsztyńskie Lake in the village of Niedzica, available to visit for tourists (for a fee), it is close to the dam on the tank Czorsztyńskie also available for visitors
  • Czorsztyn Castle -one of the two latches on the Czorsztyńskie Lake, to the present day survived only the ruins of the Castle
  • The Lift Palenica -to the top of the measuring meters above the sea, you can take the 72 A viral product on eBay for Krzesełkową from Szczawnica
  • Czorsztyńskie Lake -reservoir on the Dunajec River, was formed as a result of the construction of niedzica dam

Spa Baths

Spa Hot Torrent Relaxation, fun, the best memories-baths of Hot Pipe! Zakopane Aqua Park Leisure pool with swimming lanes: Bubble Baths Fun Zone located m.in.: Felsentherme Spa Village Chochołowskie thermal baths are the biggest thermal spa in the Podhale region. Bukowina Thermal Baths Swimming Pools Spas Szaflary

Holidays in Zakopane

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Dolina Chochołowska

Its name owes to the Valley a dozen kilometres away, the village of Chocholow. This village already in the 16th century, was the area of the Tatra mountains between Wołowcem and Bobrowcem. Thanks to the presence on the large clearings and hal, it became the largest centre of pastoralism in the Tatras. In 1930, 70 juhasów wypasało ok on it....

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